A step beyond sustainable

Our definition

Way to heal the earth by carrying out agricultural practices that maintains and improve soil, take care of animal welfare and promote social justice practices within the company

It involves a production system based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, considering the farm as a single organism integrating animal, plant, human and astral influences to produce nutritionally and spiritually powerful food.

Being a group of farmers, we are convinced that the product sales chain must generate decent income for all stakeholders, mainly farmers and our workers.

It is the basis of every production system for LatBio °. It is the way of producing respecting nature, the soil and its natural cycles, rescuing those ancestral practices for the production of nutritionally dense foods.

How do we do it

At LatBio° our way of producing focuses on regenerating the life of our farms, considering Pacha Mama (soil) as the being that gives us our products.

At LatBio° we produce biodynamically, believing that anthroposophy is an integral part of the production system. We do it as a way of life, not just because of the market or business opportunities

LatBio° strongly believes in a true fair trade, encouraging those who work with us to undertake and that farmers receive an optimal support price for a decent life.

In LatBio° organic production is the rescue of ancestral practices, within the care of the Pacha Mama, animals, especially pollinating insects, and human beings, generating truly holistic and sustainable systems.

Our products

Our biodynamic products are special for being produced in the middle of the world, where astral influences are different and special. For LatBio °, biodynamic production is a challenge to develop spiritual science in the middle of the world.

The regenerative production that we offer, in addition to being a pioneer in Ecuador, is a viable alternative for our farmers, unlearning conventional practices. We are on our way to measure our carbon footprint, we firmly believe that regenerative farms are carbon sinks

Our fair trade products are focused on being authentic and fair, our ideal is to strengthen social economies and promote the development of small farmers.

Our organic products are truly organic. We are extremely concerned about the integrity of the organic product from farm establishment to the weekly harvest and delivery of these to the final consumer.

Our certifications

We are certified by Demeter International and Demeter USA

Our products are on the way to ROC (Regenerative Organic Certified) certification

Our products are FLO and Faitrade USA certified and on the way to be certified by SPP and Fair for Life

We are certified organic for Ecuadorian regulation, European regulation, North American NOP, Canadian NOP/COR equivalency and Japanese Organic JAS regulations.