Orphanage “La Cosecha de los Sueños”

As LatBio° we are supporting with the construction of an orphanage located in Ayampe, Manabí, Ecuador. The orphanage will give shelter, food and education to at least 40 kids that will came from different parts of Ecuador. The orphanage is planned to be completely constructed until the beginning of next year.

Support to “Colegio Técnico Agrícola Güizagüiña”

We have been giving continuous trainings and empowering 30 young men aged around 14 to 17 years, including their parents, that live on a small town called Güizagüiña, located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains on the slopes of Cerro Chinchilla. The town is located among 1302 meters above the sea level, with an average temperature of 20°C. The place is dedicated mostly to mining, illegal most of it, and all the young ones in there are used to or either dedicate to mining or migrate to other cities. Most of fields have been abandoned because of the lack of impulse to agriculture. So LatBio° believes that we can empower all these kids and their parents so they can return to the fields and produce biodynamic and regeneratively.

The first visit was focused on training of entrepreneurship by one of our shareholders, Yober Aguirre, and the second training also on entrepreneurship given by Matthieu Mandon, cofounder and Commercial EU Director from LatBio°. Also on the second training we have also given training with representatives of the Agriculture Ministry on elaboration of organic biopreparations farm made.

Development and commercialization of the product from small farmers located on Chilla

Chilla is located on the highlands of El Oro province, at the south of the mountain range of Los Andes, at 80 km from Machala. Usually, the temperature where the farmers are located has as an average 10°C. The families that LatBio° are helping are small farmers that produce mostly vegetables and highland fruits. The access to Chilla is complex due to the bad conditions of the roads to get there.

There are 40 families that are producing under a scope called “Farmers Family Agriculture” (Agricultura Familiar Campesina in Spanish), a program promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture in Ecuador that enhances small farmers to produce under organic guidelines and to help the consumer to access to these type of products avoiding the intermediaries and accessing directly the farmer.

LatBio° is not only training these families under biodynamic and regenerative practices, we are also buying their vegetables and selling them on our chain of retail local stores called “Tiendas 7D” (Seven Days). So by this means all their products can be directly sold to the final consumer avoiding intermediaries, granting that the valiue of each product goes directly to the small farmer.